1) Why are Greenii paper bags better than Kraft paper bags?

Kraft paper bags are made using virgin or recycled papers, the process uses tons of chemical, pulping, bleaching, water, Oil and emits tons of carbon-di-oxide (CO2). Our (Greenii) paper bags are made using clean paper wastes without any chemicals. Which saves trees, reduces chemicals, bleaching, water, wastes and zero carbon emissions.                                                                                      
2) Which benefits as a customer, I will receive if I use Greenii paper bags? 
Your customers love the way you are supporting local, eco-friendly paper bags, your brand image and corporate social responsibility will increase. And you are using very unique, nice looking bags.                                                                      
3) How clean are the papers?
The papers we use are very clean, either its gently used or never used before. Some of the flyers are printed by the local printing companies but never used or touched by public. We follow a strict protocol to collect from reliable sources. Once its picked its hand cleaned without any chemicals.
Note : We don't use any curbside papers, dirty or unclean papers       
4) How safe are these papers for carrying raw vegetables, green leaves, any unpacked food?
Our paper bags are not food grade. Since the papers contains printing, it's not advisable to use them for carrying raw vegetables, pastries, or any unpacked food. However, our bags can be used to carry any packed food or any non-food.
5) What happens if the bags get wet in rainy or snowy seasons?
Our bags may break or tear down if its get wet. It is very similar to a Kraft paper bags.         
6) Where does the raw papers come from?
We partner with local libraries in Halifax, Nova Scotia and flyers distributors in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario.                                                                                                                                                                                           
7) How strong are the Greenii paper bags?
Our bags are made of copier papers, medium bags can hold up to 10lbs and large bags can hold up to 16 lbs. Our bags are not suitable to carry any sharp edged items.                                                                                                                                 
8) As a business owner, How can I customize the bags with my company logo/branding?                                                                                                      
We can apply 2 inches or 2.5 inches round stickers with your logo or just plain stickers, at an extra cost (Please check for pricing). Alternatively you can use rubberstamp to stamp your logo or tie a tag(with your logo) on the bag. 
9) Where are the Greenii paper bags are made?
They are made in Halifax, Nova scotia by Newcomers / Immigrant women. 
10) How can a small business/retailer convert their leftover flyers into paper bags?
If a small business or retailers wants to convert the leftover flyers , you can co-ordinate with us. We can assess and provide you a quote. 
11) I have clean paper wastes or cardboard boxes, I would like donate to Greenii, how can I do it?
If you have at least a small box full of clean and non-confidential paper wastes, which comes from a covid-19 free and pet free and smoke free place, you can contact us 
For your information: We can only accept copier paper or thick paper types not the regular thin newsprints.