• We love these bags!

    - Saltscape Publishing, Nova scotia

  • Michele, Atlantic News, Halifax With Paper Bags In Hands

    We and our customers love the bags!

    - Michele, Atlantic News, Halifax

  • Handmade Eco friendly paper bags from newsprints and flyers

    Our customers like the bags very much!

    - Lou, The healthy bug

How do we do it ?

We collect the unused or gently used newsprints, flyers from local libraries and printers. We clean it without using any chemicals or bleaching. Then We handmake the papers into paper bags, wine bags and gift bags. 

  • 1. Paper Collection

  • 2. Chemical Free Cleaning

  • 3. Sorting

  • 4. Paper Sizing

  • 5. Bag Making

  • 6. Happy Customers

  • 42540 Eco-Friendly Bags Sold by Greenii

    140,000 Bags

  • Greenii Sold 3448 Pounds Of Crinkle Paper Shreds

    Sold 9375 pounds

  • Saved 8117 Lbs of paper

It’s a Win-Win-Win situation, for the People, Planet and future.

"A tree saved, is equal to a tree planted"

Our Up-cycled paper bags focuses on:

1) Hiring vulnerable people

2) Saving trees

3) Reducing carbon emissions

4) No chemicals, no de-inking or no pulping or no bleaching

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If you have any query then feel free to ask us anything you want!

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