About Us

In August 2017 Purush's wife had a baby shower. During that event, Purush's mom gave a small gift bag to every attendee. He was surprised and asked his mom why she was still using the same gift bags from his marriage. His mom told him that she saved a few of the leftover gift bags from his wedding day to reuse for other family events. To his surprise, the attendees appreciated the reusing, reducing waste and recycling concept. That day he had an aha moment, he realized that we can use any leftover packaging - papers or gift bags for future events.

From his childhood, he hated using single-use plastic bags, he likes eco-friendly & sustainable products.

By July 2019, Canada has announced a ban on single-use plastics by early 2021, As a mechanical engineer and social entrepreneur, he is passionate about finding an alternative to single-use plastics. After some research, he found that there are tons of papers wasted in North America and globally. The paper wastes can be distinguished as clean and unclean papers.

During his research, he found that the traditional papermaking process is not eco-friendly. In order to reduce the carbon emissions and protect the forest resources, he came up with an idea to repurpose the clean paper waste such as newsprints and flyers into paper bags. One of his friends kept his WhatsApp profile picture with a newspaper bag. He decided to pursue the idea of recovering the local clean newsprints and flyers to convert into paper bags.

In July 2019, he tested the idea by making paper bags using old newsprints and flyers, sold them at the Halifax farmers’ market. Boom! the idea worked! He received positive feedback from the local shoppers. From there, he slowly acquired a few retail customers in Halifax, Dartmouth, Moncton, Fredericton, Saint John and Ontario.

That’s how the idea came into shape. "The Launchpad Accelerator" – Dalhousie University , "The Summer Institute" - University of New Brunswick, Fredericton and CEED, Halifax (Centre for Entrepreneurship Education and Development) were very helpful to bring the idea to reality.


In July 2020, We collaborated with the Newcomer / Immigrant women employment program, they have language barriers and difficulties finding a job in Nova Scotia, Canada. After a few weeks of training, they are able to make high-quality, nice looking bags.

It’s a Win-Win-Win situation, for the people, planet and profit.
We believe "A tree saved, is equal a tree planted"